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Noise Consultancy Jobs: What You Need To Know

Noise is part and parcel of everyday life. Some levels of noise are unavoidable, such as neighbours in apartment buildings walking along communal corridors, and the annoyance of daily traffic noise. Others are more of an intermittent irritation, including barking dogs and alarms going off at erratic times of day or night. Noise Consultancy includes assessing the potential for noise pollution in a building development project, and advising on ways to minimise that noise pollution, as well as assessing noise levels in existing buildings and identifying options for noise mitigation. MSA Careers and Consulting specialises in Noise Consultancy jobs, and has an extensive database of candidates in this sector.

Noise Abatement in the Community and Across Industry

Working across multiple sectors, Noise Consultants (also referred to as acousticians, acoustic consultants, or acoustic engineers), can advise on the management and control of acoustics and vibrations in the workplace, home and environment, to reduce noise pollution
Reducing the Nuisance Effect of Noise

Consultants will help reduce unwanted noise pollution caused by busy domestic and residential noise, such as rail and road traffic, and from industrial developments, like construction sites. The way in which sound interacts with the surroundings can be extremely complex and may involve many differing factors, such as reverberation.

Guidance For A Quieter World

There are a few standardised sound wave behaviours that form the basis of understanding for acoustical design. The behaviours exhibited by the source sound will influence which practical application of control a noise consultant may suggest. To give an example of this, the common complaint in residential flats is of noise transfer from footfall. The practical application of a consultant's advice may be a soft floor covering that would absorb the vibrations caused by this, rather than soundproofing the floor, which may cause refraction and increase the noise level in individual flats.

Testing - Research and Development

Acoustical engineering also covers positive uses of sound and vibration. From developing new technology, such as ultrasound, for use in the medical sector, to designing theatre venues to magnify the sound of an orchestra.

Building & Structural Acoustics

When a noise source in a building is created, it produces vibrations that pass through materials, thus  when the source of the vibrations is then terminated, the vibrations will not instantly cease. Instead, the intensity of the noise and vibrations will gradually lower, or reverberate back. An acoustic consultant would assess the building materials, shape and size, then provide a report on noise and vibration control.

Noise Insulation - Monitoring and Control

Acoustic absorption can be introduced through the use of specific materials in the building design, which will reduce noise escape from a space. Acoustic engineers are also available to assist in the planning application stage, by providing a noise mitigation strategy and to assess environmental noise effects on a new development. Projects which acoustic consultants advise on vary dramatically in size and requirements. These may include rooms in small residential dwellings, large multi-use commercial properties and residential developments, which can be affected by noise pollution problems from a number of different sources. For example, residential developments require rigorous assessment of building acoustics to ensure suitable sound insulation for all internal structures, as well as sound protection from any adjoining buildings and the environment.

When assessing building/development acoustics a consultant will ensure:

  • Accurate assessment of initial environmental noise pollution
  • Compliance in accordance to the National Planning Policy Framework
  • Reduction of noise pollution through external design
  • Adequate internal design to ensure privacy and acoustic quality
  • The minimisation of noise break-in and break-out
  • Project completion testing and noise compliance verification. 

Legal Noise Consulting and the Law

Legal noise consulting requires the investigation of noise and vibrations on buildings, machinery and in the environment. Noise ratings are determined through official governmental assessments, carried out by a qualified acoustic consultant. In circumstances where legal action is required, a qualified consultant can be called upon to provide advice and consultation to various legal bodies about acoustics and noise control.

Environmental Noise Measurement

Acoustic engineers have the tools required to comprehensively assess and advise on all aspects of environmental noise, noise from traffic, machinery and other recreational activities. We specialise in the recruitment of practical acoustic consultancy professionals to both the public and private sectors. Acoustic consultancy can involve a variety of projects with residential and commercial developers, planning consultants, local planning authorities and environmental protection services.

With such a variety of specialism for acoustic consultants, navigating the market for quality and reliable professionals can be a daunting and, more often than not, difficult task.

MSA Careers and Consulting has over 12 years’ experience recruiting in the field of acoustics, noise and vibration. Our business fundamentals are transparent, honest consultancy. We are proud of the services we provide and strive to build strong, lasting client relationships. If a client requires a structural acoustics consultant, we are able to use our knowledge and expertise to source an appropriate candidate, with in-depth technical appreciation of the job specifications.

It is through our active selection process that we are able to provide a bespoke service to each of our clients. Our tailored solutions cover all levels of seniority across all of our vertical markets. This includes graduate recruitment from leading universities, where we have actively engaged with new talent, professionals at the top of their respective fields and all other levels of experience in between.


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