Paul Goring

SLR Consulting

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"I have recently used Jim's services to recruit staff for my acoustic consultancy over the last few years. I found Jim to be knowledgeable about the market and appreciative about the type of person(s) I was seeking. I found him to be both conscientious and proactive. Should I require further consultant then I would definitely utilise Jim's services again."

Arran Morrison


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"Can't recommend Jim highly enough. Very dedicated to what he does, has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is committed to finding the best fit for his clients."

David Wilson


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"I would recommend Jim at MSA Careers and Consulting. He suggested potential vacancies that were suitable to my skills and experience and that were in a location where I wanted to work and live. He also provided sound advice on job interviews and CV content."

Alex Woodfield

Hayes McKenzie

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"Jim was recommended to me by an acoustic consultancy and within ten minutes of emailing him, he had called me up and spent a long time talking through what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I can't put into words how reassuring it was to be treated as an intelligent human being for a change. I was not in a position to send CVs or follow up emails due to the hours I was working, but Jim managed everything perfectly. Within three weeks I was sorted with a new job and within another week I had started it. Not only did he provide completely objective advise on employer, he also made every effort to get to know me so he could place me in the perfect job. Considering the short period over which Jim was representing me, his ability to place me in such a perfect job is beyond anything I could have hoped or wished for. Even now he still emails me to check that everything is going well. I cannot recommend him enough."

Rebecca Edwards

Accon UK

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"Jim provided a fantastic service during the search for my first acoustics job earlier this year. Jim took the time to get to know me and my requirements but also inspired me with jobs I was unlikely to consider on my own. His regular contact meant I was informed throughout the process and notified of relevant opportunities immediately.

Jim is hard-working, dedicated and reliable with a wide range of connections in the acoustics field."

Tim Coombes

Cass Allen

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"Jim helped me find my current position as Acoustics Consultant at Cass Allen and dealing with Jim genuinely made what could have been a very stressful and painful process, both stress free and painless - within 3 weeks of first calling Jim I had received 3 job offers!

Jim is very professional, consistent and dedicated to what he does. Most of all though, he is a great guy who is friendly and always approachable.

I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to progress a career in acoustics and to any company considering his services."

Phillip Lu

Buro Happold

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"Jim did a fantastic job finding me employment in the UK market. Having come from Australia with only a 2 year work visa, Jim was able to get me interviews from Acoustical firms based in London which eventually led me to landing a job as an Acoustical Consultant. Jim is an awesome recruiter within the field of Acoustics and I would not hesitate in recommending him."

Ashley Shepherd

Acoustical Control Consultants

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"Jim offers a professional recruitment service like no other - personal, discrete, efficient, trustworthy, and extremely hard-working! Jim will do his all to ensure you find the right job. After almost 8 months of applying for jobs to no avail, I got in contact with Jim. He arranged two interviews within a couple of months, and with his help, I secured a graduate position as an Acoustic Consultant. Highly recommended!"

Lindsay McIntyre

KSG Acoustics

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"Jim's unique skill lies in his in-depth knowledge of the acoustics market place - he is able to identify relevant opportunities and suitable candidates, taking the guesswork out of what is a very niche area. Thoroughly recommend!"

Dan Morton


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"Jim helped me find a new job to allow me to relocate to Scotland. He is more than your usual recruiter. With other agencies you seem to talk to a different person each week, where as Jim was consistent and takes an interest in you personally. He was regularly in contact and stuck with me to find me a new role."

George Billis

Freelance Acoustic Engineer

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"Jim is discreet and puts a lot of effort to know his clients. He is available for advice all times and continuously provides you with updates. I would definitely recommend Jim as he treats all his clients as personal friends and that distinguish him from other recruiters in the market."

Theo Niaounakis

MLM Group

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"Very efficient, reliable and trustworthy. Highly recommended!"

Robin Burns

Jasco Applied Sciences

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"Jim provided a thoroughly professional, relentless and client-focussed service that I would happily recommend. He worked tirelessly and cheerfully to find potential staff with niche expertise for my company."

Nicolas Le Moal

Buro Happold

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"Jim is an efficient recruiter with many connections in Acoustics around the world. He is very personable and I definitely recommend him to both employees and employers in the field of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration."

Anastasia Papastefanou

Wood Group

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"Jim is a highly efficient recruiter in the field of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration. He has many connections in this field and most important he is very personable and he really tries to help you. Very effective and punctual person. I would definitely recommend him to both employees and employers in the field of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration."

Adrian Finn

Network Rail

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"Jim is a hard working and dedicated recruitment consultant, who threw himself at the task of finding me a placement. Jim kept me updated every step of the way, so I always knew how the process was going. Easily the best recruitment consultant I have ever used, and I would highly recommend using his service to anyone in acoustics looking for a job."

Sam Sumner

HRS Services

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"Jim is exactly the kind of person you want helping you when looking for a new job, or in my case, my first job in acoustics. Jim was always quick to respond to my emails, and was honest and straight to the point. Within two weeks, Jim had arranged two job interviews for me, and within a month, I started my new job (which I am very happy with!). Jim gave me plenty of pointers to help me prepare for my interview and sent me some useful background information on the company and the type of work they do. Jim informs you straight away with news/feedback he receives and likes to check in with you to see how everything is going (even after you have started work). I really do owe it to Jim, he appears to have many strong connections within the acoustic industry. This clearly enables him to find a job opportunity that is right for you."

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