Recruitment for Business Intelligence & Analytical Roles

Recruitment for Business Intelligence & Analytical Roles

Now used by the majority of Fortune 500 enterprises (93 of the top 100), SAS (BI) business intelligence (Statistical Analytical Solution) is without doubt one of the most successful software suites ever developed and can claim to be the industry standard for business intelligence, enterprise management and analytics. It finds applications in fields as diverse as clinical trials, fraud detection, price optimization and human resources. There are well over 200 modules to extend its functionality in specialized ways, which is reflected by the worldwide proliferation of SAS user groups devoted to particular implementations by region, client or application.

The SAS Jobs Market is Growing Fast

In the tough global market we live in today, no commercial or financial management team can afford to be without a software suite that pulls all their information together in a comprehensive way, and allows the enterprise to respond to conditions with maximum efficiency. As a result experienced professionals with these skills are already in very high demand. The number of SAS jobs in UK and beyond can only become greater with increased competition for appropriately qualified and experienced candidates.
Experts are in Demand by all Industries

In this light, roles for those who have SAS experience can only expand, and yet competition for the right placements will become fiercer. As business intelligence (BI) technology continues to saturate the marketplace and beyond it, it will become increasingly difficult to identify personnel experienced in the appropriate sector and grounded in the precise areas of expertise that the role requires. It will no longer suffice to simply place an advert for the position on job-seeker websites or in the press and expect to be able to wade through the responses to identify the candidate you need. It is becoming just as difficult for candidates - they have to identify the companies and positions that match their experience or will help to develop it.

The Solution to the Hiring Problem – Excellent Knowledge

The solution is an advanced recruitment company that specializes specifically in this area. MSA Careers, who have a long-established presence in the sector, stays in touch with the Data Analytics workforce over the course of their careers. They therefore often have advance knowledge of who has worked in what area, their reputations and achievements, and who may be available at a given time. They will be aware of prospects that are currently based abroad (SAS is used at more than 75,000 locations in 138 countries) and source internationally when necessary, and they will have services in place to help valuable candidates relocate to the region where they are needed. For many roles, where permanent staff are not wanted / suitable, they will have bank of temporary contract labour available. It goes without saying that through their close interaction with countless SAP/SAS specialists they will have insight into developments across the sector that is second to none, their CV database being an invaluable tool when sourcing the right experienced expertise.
MSA Careers – The Quality Recruitment Company

MSA help our clients by pin-pointing the candidates with ideal niche profiles, those that have just the right feature set for their organisation. Do you need focus on Utilities, the public sector, retailing, banking or insurance? Do you need a designer, a migration specialist, commercial modeller or statistical analyst? We are able to quickly match your needs because we are already tuned into several databases of known professionals and new applicants, and we are engaged with up-and-coming graduate talent through partnering with leading universities. We can assist you in benchmarking the appropriate salary range, forward work examples, do all the background screening, arrange and attend the actual selection interviews and provide feedback from applicants. Of course, we guarantee confidentiality at all points of the process.

MSA Meets the Requirements of Candidates Too

MSA candidates benefit from a similar range of value-added services. We stay as closely in touch with the employers as we do with our candidates, enabling us to go the extra mile to find you a position in the precise sector and role you’re seeking or the geographical region of choice. We can advise you about salaries and other benefits you may not otherwise hear about, and if you decide it’s worth relocating we can support you with accommodation hunting and removals. Although it is getting harder to find the right candidate for new and specialised positions, there are nevertheless countless applicants for every job, so we also assist our candidates to stand out from the crowd and put their best foot forward for the position they want. We will advise on the appropriate salary to expect and even check the train times and parking facilities for you.

Enroll on our bank of Contract Staff

There may be an opportunity to be enrolled into our bank of contract staff. If you are interested in this, you will benefit from a robust payroll system and are assured of the support of MSA staff at all times.

For more information on how MSA Careers can assist you in recruiting the expertise you need, or to help you find just the right Analytical / Business Intelligence Skills, please do contact us, we know we can help.

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