Data Analytics

The importance of using and analysing business information to support operational & commercial decision making has never been more apparent than in today’s business world. Organisations of every type are using and investing in data analytics tools, technologies & professionals to provide crucial business insight.

Our consultants have developed a niche understanding of the Data Analytics & Business Intelligence marketplace across multiple industry sectors to help facilitate permanent & contract recruitment in this field.  Recruiting analytical professionals is a mainstay of our business.

Markets & Skills coverage;

Business Intelligence

  • MS SQL Server
  • MS BI Stack (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MDX, SQL, PostgreSQL, T-SQL)
  • SQL Teradata
  • Oracle
  • Data / MI Development
  • Data Migration / Data Mapping / ETL
  • Data Warehouse design
  • Information Management
  • Data Visualisation (Tableau, Qlikview, Power BI, Burst, Silk)
  • Spatial Analytics (GIS)
  • SAS, Business Objects, Cognos, Crystal Reports, Excel/VBA)

Credit Risk & Operational Analysis

  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Decision Science & Modelling
  • Scorecard development
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Econometrics
  • Trading Analytics
  • Finance Modelling
  • Pricing Analysis & Modelling
  • Forecasting Analysts
  • Data Governance / Quality
  • Fraud Analytics

Marketing & Insight

  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Segmentation Modelling
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Econometrics
  • Data Planning
  • Trending and forecasting
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Sales & Workforce analysis
  • CRM Analytics

Data Science / Statistical Analysis

  • Analytical Programming (R, SAS, VBA, Python, Matlab, RexEG)
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics Data: Hadoop, Talend
  • Data Mining; IBM SPSS Modeller, Rapid Miner
  • Operational Research

Market Sectors:

Financial Services, Marketing, Digital, Insurance, Retail, Energy, Automotive, Travel & Transport, Utilities, Research, Pharmaceutical, Consultancy, Public Sector. Permanent & Contract staffing.

Data Analytics – Market Information

Analytics Recruitment - Analysts and Their Importance to Business

The modern business world is heavily reliant on information. But data in itself is only as good as the work that goes in to make it a useful tool for decision-making. Without analysis it’s just so much stored information. The recruitment of the right analytics staff and executives therefore plays a crucial role in helping enterprises extract the information they need from their data sources.

BI - Business Intelligence and Analytics Recruitment Agency

There are many specialist analyst recruitment agencies providing companies with the skilled professionals that they need to fill permanent and contract positions, in a wide range of industries and specialist fields. Analysts work on everything from BI (business intelligence) and marketing insight to data science and credit risk analysis. So let’s take a look at some of things analysts do, what skills are needed to perform the role and what services recruitment agencies should be offering to both employers and candidates in a competitive market.

Analytical Roles and Careers

Being able to measure how well things are doing is the key to good decision-making. For that reason performance analysis jobs exist in many different industries, from financial services to sport. The job involves identifying key performance indicators to show how well a business or product is performing or how well people are fulfilling their job roles.

The Digital Analyst in Marketing

The role of the digital analyst is often involved with marketing, studying the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies. The role involves interpreting, analysing and reporting on data to study customer engagement and help improve future efforts. This can mean working on customer relationship management, workforce effectiveness, forecasting and more.

There’s often considerable overlap between the role of the analyst and that of the data scientist. This is particularly true in the fields of statistical modelling and predictive analysis. This will involve working with big data and performing data-mining tasks to extract meaningful insights from large volumes of unstructured information.

Skills and The Experience Required

Analysts need the ability to understand and present data so that it can be used by non-technical staff and managers. This means good IT skills and familiarity with tools like Excel and PowerPoint as well as with more specialised business systems and technology such as SPSS, SQL and Oracle and big data systems such as Hadoop.

Statistical skills are essential too, but it’s also useful to be able to examine information in text form and be able to pick out what’s important. Analysts require good communication skills in order to be able to present their findings in a clear and concise way. Attention to detail and the ability to deliver information in a concise and clear way are the key to being a success as an digital analyst.

The Qualifications Needed For A Career in Analysis

There are recognised qualifications for analysts that can help candidates stand out in a competitive job market by demonstrating to employers that they have a clear understanding of the concepts involved. Typical degree subjects for aspiring analysts are not necessarily maths-based. They can include topics like history, English and social sciences, which demonstrate an ability to understand and interpret information, piecing together useful elements. Personal qualities of analysts should include curiosity and the ability to question the status quo.

The Jobs Market

As businesses collect more and more data and rely increasingly on the insights which can be derived from it, so the need for those who can analyse it all has increased, this growth covering a whole range of sectors. It’s a rare industry or company that doesn’t require analysts, with the financial services sector, energy and transport being among the leading consumers of their services.

The growth of social media and the rapid adoption of the ‘Internet of Things’ range of devices has seen an explosion in the amount of data which is available to businesses. But many simply not have the resources, either permanent full time, or staff on contract to analyse this tide of data. Most of this information is unstructured, which makes the role of the analyst in identifying and highlighting trends even more difficult and critical.

Recruiting Analysts and Consultants

When looking to recruit analysts, it’s best to look for a specialist BI recruitment agency that understands your particular vertical market. These companies will have built up a reservoir of talent over the years and will be able to identify and attract the best candidates. They should also be able to advise and supply analytical staff at all levels of seniority, from graduate entrants to executive management. They will also be able to give you an idea of the salaries for both full-time and contract staff.

A Good Agency has Great Relationships with Corporate Clients and Those Seeking a Position

They’ll also be able to locate specialist skills that may be difficult to attract via open market channels. By establishing a relationship with candidates, the agency will have access to referrals and talent that may not be actively seeking a new role.

MSA Careers – The Recruitment Agency that Offers a Complete Service

In a competitive market, you need a recruitment agency to work with you throughout the process sifting through the applications, finding the right analysts and then who continue to support you, an agency in short that offers the complete service, such as MSACareers. This might involve pre-screening of candidates, background checks, help with interviews if required, and even post-recruitment assistance to help with on-boarding and ongoing professional development.

Your agency should also be able to advise on the salaries and incentive package that’s likely to be needed in order to be able to attract the best recruits in a particular geographical region or industry sector.

Candidate Services

From the candidate’s point of view, it’s important to have an agency that understands the needs of the individual. This means taking account of location, family and other factors that may restrict a candidate’s willingness to take a particular role.

It also means supporting the applicant though the whole process. This can include offering advice on CV presentation, help with the interview process - such as advising on travel - and providing information about the potential employer. After a candidate is successful, it can also involve help and advice with relocation and other aspects of taking up a new role. Check out our testimonials to see how we have helped others to find or further a fantastic career in BI and Data Analytics.

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